Recently, while travelling home through Dubai, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Burj Al Arab hotel for a pre-arranged photoshoot of some of the world’s most exclusive hotel suites. Check out the finished virtual tour here.

Just getting into the lobby requires passing security as an invited guest and crossing a bridge to this stunning architectural icon on its own man made island.

The tallest atrium in the world at 180m makes an impressive statement at the hotel’s entrance. It is a sight to behold with synchronised laminar flow water fountains (resembling clear glass) and gold pillars lining very expensive shops. A 360º view of the atrium can be seen here. (Don’t forget to look up!)

How did we get into this hotel, somewhat above our budget? It helps to have a professional photography portfolio to convince the hotel PR management that we could do justice to the extraordinary rooms that we saw.

The decor was magnificent in person, so one great way to reproduce that is by creating a virtual tour. Take a virtual tour through some of the Royal Suite and see for yourself. If a picture paints a thousand words, a virtual tour paints… well, lots of words.

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