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Multimedia solutions for your project needs.

See how VR, timelapse and video can provide clarity to your asset management and OHS systems, and stakeholder communications.

Virtual tour of iron ore processing plant

Asset Management

When you look at your asset management system, you realise the complexity of hierarchical equipment lists, work orders, procedures, drawings, parts lists and more. Imagine having a visual overview of it all to bring clarity to the complexity.

  • 360 degree VR images can visually simplify the complex
  • Within 360 degree views, drill down into detail by clickable hotspots, linked to your asset information
  • Interactive drawings and plans can be integrated with your asset data

Or, you are planning a major overhaul or special event worthy of being recorded, perhaps not even seen in your tenure at the job. You think about the best way to capture this event. What about a way that makes it easier for those who will repeat the process in years to come? Imagine years into the future at being able to carry out the same planning with the benefit of seeing the project in 3D.

  • 360 degree VR images can bring history to life in a way that makes it easy to understand
  • 360 degree views take the guesswork out of what is now reassembled
  • Procedures and instructions can be seamlessly added to the images

Occupational Health & Safety

When you need to induct a new person to your workplace, perhaps you think about the hassle of showing the person around remote sites and the time that takes. Imagine that you can have them visit the site without actually being there.

  • Immersive, visual inductions will likely be more engaging and help your audience remember what is important
  • 360 degree VR tours can be seamlessly integrated with your induction system
  • We can also supply a holistic solution which includes induction management, contractor identification and more


Safety induction with virtual tour
Aerial image of dual crane lift


Do you need to communicate to your stakeholders in a simple, yet engaging way?

Perhaps you need to manage upwards and impress senior management?

Timelapse video is a tried and tested method to engage your stakeholders and get a solid and rapid understanding of your project. Coupled with other media including aerial footage, ground footage and interviews, you will be able to tell a story that anyone can relate to.

  • We have loads of experience with recording site projects and can fit with your branding and culture accordingly
  • Longer term time lapses can be split into monthly reports for senior management to report progress along the way


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