About us

We help Australian businesses stand out by crafting immersive visual stories.

We’re a lean and committed outfit, striving to deliver first rate quality at lightning speed, and we’re always keen to tackle large and ambitious projects for our clients. Some of our notable projects include photographing one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, sub-antarctic Macquarie Island and CSIRO’s $95M ocean research vessel Investigator.

Sky Avenue Photography & Design is David Rayward, Grace Rayward and Maddy Seeley. We operate out of Hobart, Tasmania and we’re available for assignment anywhere.

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David Rayward

David Rayward

Co-Founder, Photographer

David is Sky Avenue’s chief photographer and calls the shots in the business.

David spent nine years in corporate management before co-founding Sky Avenue Photography & Design.

To wind down he likes golfing, guitar playing, and kayaking. He’s tried his hand at diesel fitting, maintenance planning, architecture, and even lutherie (that means making and fixing stringed instruments).

Maddy Seeley

Maddy Seeley

Co-Founder, Designer

Maddy is Sky Avenue’s designer, developer and post-production lead.

Maddy has a Diploma of Graphic Design and experience in a variety of design, photography and web projects.

When she’s not working away behind her tiny desk and massive monitor, you’ll probably find her sleeping outside in the sun, listening to obscure music, four wheel driving or talking about space weather.